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Our Mission

To promote and encourage New Yorkers to participate in the sport of lawn bowling within our city, nationally and internationally.

Central Park is for the people.
We share the Park Conservancy's commitment to deepen community engagement with the Park and cultivate appreciation through personal, meaningful, and memorable experiences.  With that spirit, the New York Lawn Bowling Club is pleased to provide free bowling clinics to New York City clinics, schools and non-profit groups.

Building Connections

The New York Lawn Bowling Club is committed to sharing the fun of bowling with New Yorkers of all ages and abilities. A game of skill and acumen; not strength, lawn bowling is especially popular with seniors and those physically challenged persons who have few other alternatives for outdoor competitive and communal exercise.

Our History

In 1626 (the same year that Peter Minuet purchased Manhattan Island), Bowling Green was laid out in lower Manhattan.

On March 9, 1733, New York City Council adopted a resolution providing for the creation of "a 'Bowling Green' for the beauty and ornament of said street (and) for the recreation and delight of the inhabitants."


After the conclusion of the Colonies fight for independence and the anti-British sentiment it spawned, Bowling Green was fashioned into an oval park and the green removed.

The 20th century witnessed a revival in popularity of lawn bowling in the US and, in 1926, the New York Lawn Bowling Club was formed under the leadership of George Reid, William Crawford and Tom Lennox, officers of the Club. Two Central Park greens were completed in 1926 and 1930, located in the Mineral Springs section.
Now, nearly 100 years later, we and the Club members who have come before us, are the appreciative benefactors of this City's generosity. We welcome you to enjoy the Green and appreciate one of the world's longest played sport.



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Join Us

A New York Lawn Bowling Club membership includes full use of club facilities and equipment during the season. It also includes a Central Park permit and Bowls USA membership.  

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