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Each year the New York Lawn Bowling Club is proud to host a Northeast Division regional tournament.  For 2022 the NED Triples was held on a lovely July weekend with teams from Pittsburgh, Rhode Island and New Jersey competing. The NYLBC team of Georgina Kelman, Joe Kelly and Ryan Hastu won the event with a perfect record with XXX and YYY coming in second and third respectively.

Regional and Inter-Club Tournaments

Each year the New York Lawn Bowling Club is proud to host regional tournaments and inter-club competitions on the greens in Central Park.  In addition, NYLBC members often participate in major tournaments and "friendlies"at other local, regional and even national venues.

Challenge Cup

In August the annual Challenge Cup with the Thistle Lawn Bowling Club of West Hartford was held on the Central Park greens.  For 2022 the Challenge Cup trophy returned to New York with a tie-breaker victory over Thistle.

New Bedford Lawn Bowling Club Inaugural

For a late September outing New York Lawn Bowling Club members traveled to Massachusetts on a fine weekend for an inaugural "friendly" with the New Bedford Lawn Bowling Club.  While only just opening in 2022, many NBLBC members have played in NYLBC hosted events and are good and long-time friends.  We welcome the NBLBC into the Northeast Division and congratulate them for all they have accomplished in founding their club, developing their greens and expanding lawn bowling throughout the Northeast!