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Primavera Pairs

The Primavera Pairs is the first tournament of New York Lawn Bowling Club's season schedule. In the 2022 event Joe Kelly and Ed Last outlasted Barry Kessler and Alex Last taking the competition into a single-end sudden death dual of the only two undefeated teams.

Waterford Pairs

Held on 22nd the Waterford Pairs was the second in July's series of New York Lawn Bowling Club tournaments. The competition for the Waterford Trophy was keen with three teams emerging with victories in all three games of the match.

First Place

Mark Ragen (Lead) and Les Winter (Skip)

Second Place

Georgina Kelman (Lead) and Barry Kessler (Skip)

Third Place

John Nichols (Lead) and Brian Frankel (Skip)

Firecracker Pairs

Commencing July's series of tournaments and events with a bang the New York Lawn Bowling Club held its annual Firecracker Pairs tournament on July 8th.  Teams were matched "out-of-the-hat" with nicely balanced, competitive pairs emerging with the winners determined through a 6-end playoff.

First Place

Jennifer Lynch (Lead) and Alex Last (Skip)

Second Place

Debbie Pelosi (Lead) and Barry Kessler (Skip)