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Lawn Bowling | Central Park | New York

Club Games

The New York Lawn Bowlers play almost every day in Central Park during the season (May - Columbus Day) in casual games among members, organized weekend games and league matches.  On weekends and holidays morning (at 10:00am) and afternoon (1:00pm or 1:30pm) games are scheduled usually followed by casual get-togethers on the green.  Organizing play among members is especially easy using the Club's GroupMe social network.

Lawn Bowling | Central Park | New York

Club and Regional Tournaments

The New York Lawn Club sponsors a number of one and two day and season-long club tournaments throughout the season. Members of all ages and abilities complete in a mix of singles, doubles and occasional triples events.  The Club also sponsors a variety of "Friendlies" with other nearby clubs along with hosting the NED regional Hall of Fame Triples title tournament.

Club members often compete in regional and even national lawn bowling events.

Lawn Bowling | Central Park | New York

Events & Activities

Beyond club games and tournaments The New York Lawn Bowling Club holds a variety of social events for members and guests usually in conjunction with bowling matches. Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day barbecue picnics have become club traditions and get-togethers beyond the season are regularly held.

In addition, the club holds events for the general public - open houses, regular lawn bowling clinics - in addition to supporting social service and sponsored events for civic and corporate groups.

Games, Tournaments, Events and Activities

The New York Lawn Bowling Club is committed to sharing the joys of lawn bowling with New Yorkers of all ages, abilities and experience - as a visitor, for a social event or as a member.  From a daily game with other players to the weekend club games, from the weekly clinics for the general public to complementary introductory lessons, from club-wide tournaments to national and international play the Club offers events and activities for all.  A game of skill and acumen, not strength, lawn bowling is especially popular with seniors and those physically challenged persons who have few other alternatives for outdoor, and even indoor, competitive and communal exercise.

Contact us to enjoy a summer day on the Central Park green or even some indoor off-season bowling. 

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