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Looking East Across the Greens 

Central Park Lawn Sports Greens Restoration

The New York Lawn Bowling Club and The New York Croquet Club are collaborating on an ambitious initiative to restore the two lawn sports greens.  Ideally the completion of this restoration will coincide with the greens' 100th anniversary in 2026.  As an initial step the two clubs have commissioned basic design plans (see "After" images below) focusing both on the greens and addressing the larger Mineral Springs area of the Park to benefit lawn sports players and Park goers alike. 

Recently the leaders of the New York Lawn Bowling and New York Croquet Clubs met with District #6 Representative Gale Brewer on the greens in Central Park. In addition to Central Park being located in District #6, Representative Brewer has a long-standing commitment to all of New York City's parks, their maintenance, development and funding.  The Clubs are grateful to Representative Brewer for her interest in the restoration project and her realization that while the scope of the project is substantial the benefits potentially touching all New Yorkers and Park visitors are even more so!

Looking North Across the Greens 

Entry Plaza - Looking North 

Looking West Along Entrance Path 

Entrance Path - Looking West 

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