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Lawn Bowling in Central Park


Lawn Sports in New York 
Time Line 

1626 - Bowling Green is laid out in lower Manhattan.


1733 - New York City Council adopts a resolution providing for the creation of "a 'Bowling Green' for the beauty...for the recreation and delight of the inhabitants."  

1926 - New York Lawn Bowling Club is formed and two greens constructed in Central Park's Mineral Springs section.

Today - Become part of New York's rich lawn bowling legacy by Joining the Club.


Tomorrow and Beyond - Explore our vision for the Restoration of the greens and the entire Mineral Springs section of Central Park.


To promote and encourage New Yorkers to participate in the sport of lawn bowling within our city, nationally and internationally.


Central Park is for the people - New Yorkers and from around the world.
  We share the Central Park Conservancy's commitment to deepen community engagement with the Park and cultivate appreciation through personal, meaningful, and memorable experiences.  With that spirit, the New York Lawn Bowling Club is pleased to provide free bowling clinics to New York City residents and visitors of all ages and physical abilities, schools, non-profit and sponsored groups. 

Everyone is always welcome so come by.

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